Logistics handling

VDL Laktechniek goes further than just making sure that your products are given the required surface treatments. Over the years VDL Laktechniek has managed to distinguish itself by relieving the burden on the client, taking on an advisory role right from the start of a project and by offering a warehouse facility for direct delivery.

In order to provide a better service, VDL Laktechniek offers a total solution for the client, with the option of relieving  you of the entire logistics process.

By offering flexibility and optimum security, VDL Laktechniek is your true full-service logistics partner.

These days company logistics is more than just providing transport. Our specialised employees are available every day to map, organise, plan and execute the logistics process of various flows of relevant goods together with you. By acting in a service-oriented and responsible manner, VDL Laktechniek optimises the supply chain, which continuously improves the flow of goods in the chain. For communication, VDL Laktechniek has a tailor-made ERP system with the possibility to integrate this into an EDI system.

VDL Laktechniek likes to think with you to fulfil your logistic needs and is therefore always open to various logistics options.
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After production of your goods, VDL Laktechniek offers the possibility to store the products in our warehouse and to deliver them on demand to the client. To carry out this logistics process, we have a large capacity, modernised warehouse.

We have a versatile warehouse, so that we can store goods still to be handled and goods already treated. We organise and supervise transport, using a cost-efficient working method. VDL Laktechniek can support logistical handling of goods according to various logistics principles (such as JIT, JIS and FIFO)

 Benefits of logistics handling at VDL Laktechniek

  • Quality 
    VDL Laktechniek has various certifications that guarantee the quality of the logistics process.

  • Customisation
    VDL Laktechniek delivers tailor-made products and ensures the correct quality of the products. 

  • Expertise
    With it's years of experience, VDL Laktechniek has built up the necessary expertise, and is therefore specialilsed in the field of logistics rocessing and taking an advisory role. 

  • Savings
    VDL Laktechniek is able to provide Direct Delivery, which saves costs and risks in the entire supply chain.        

Whether it concerns stock management, direct deliveries or other logistics solutions, VDL Laktechniek is open to all logistics requests from the client.

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