The different processing methods of VDL Laktechniek

VDL Laktechniek is the specialist when it comes to providing different surface treatments. With over 35 years of experience we take care of several diverse processing methods, whereby we concentrate on the treatment of both plastic and metal parts destined for a variety of sectors.

To be able to offer a total package to our customers, alongside surface treatments, we are able to offer assembly and logistic services, easing the burden for our customers.

VDL Laktechniek is happy to help you further when it comes to the following operational processes.

Steel grit blasting

In order to guarantee the quality of your products, VDL Laktechniek makes it possible to clean metal surfaces using steel grit blasting in an effective and efficient way. 

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Zinc phosphating

VDL Laktechniek has the option to carry out chemical (pre)treatment using zinc phosphating. This process is part of our KTL-treatment and our Powdercoat-treatment. These chemical (pre) treatments are suited to various types of metals. 

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At VDL Laktechniek we are specialists in the field of KTL, also known as Cataphoretic electrocoating. KTL is an environmentally friendly electrostatic painting process and is the ideal primer for your different coating products.

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Powder coating at VDL Laktechniek extends and strengthens the life of your products. During this electrostatic process, powder is applied to metal with a spray gun, which ensures a durable top layer on the material.

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Spray painting 

Spray painting, is the process of applying liquid paint to your product using a spray gun. VDL Laktechniek has also become a specialist within the spray painting branch.

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Heavy Duty paintshop

Using our innovative Heavy Duty paint shop we are able to treat large components. 

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Screen printing

We make it possible to supply high-quality products using screen printing by means of various flat printing tables and a screen making workshop.

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At the request of the customer it is possible to assemble / mount your products. VDL Laktechniek offers this option so as to be of even better service to you and to take work off your hands.

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Logistical solutions

In addition to treating your products, VDL Laktechniek offers a total package, where it is also possible to have the logistics part taken care of. By offering both Direct Delivery and Warehousing, VDL Laktechniek is developing into a high-quality full-service logistics partner.

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