Spray painting

What is spray painting?

Spray painting is a process in which liquid paint is applied to a product in a liquid form by means of a spray installation. By applying a spray paint system, one or more paint layers can be applied to protect the material. After the coating has been applied to the material, the paint has to be cured. 
The components that remain after curing form the corrosion resistant paint layer of your product. 
The spray painting process is mainly applied to metals and plastics. Spray paints consist of solvent-based or water-based paints.


Spray painting at VDL Laktechniek

In Over the past 30 years, VDL Laktechniek has continued to develop, making the company a fully-fledged specialist in the field of spray painting. As with our powder coating process, pre-treatment by grit blasting/zinc phosphating/KTL, can be applied prior to the spray painting process.
Due to the flexible properties of spray paint, it is possible to apply spray paint to your product in almost any colour / structure.

Because not every material is intended for higher temperatures in connection with the curing, it would not be possible to apply a surface treatment such as a powder coating.
Spray paint however, offers the ultimate solution for this. With spray painting the material does not have to be heated, which makes it possible to provide the materials with the correct surface treatment.

Application of spray paint is possible for almost every industrial sector. VDL Laktechniek mainly treats products from the automotive, petrochemical, agricultural and infrastructure sectors.

Benefits of spray painting at VDL Laktechniek

  • Flexible
    The spray varnish contains flexible properties, making it possible to apply the spray varnish in almost any colour.

  • Corrosion resistant
    Due to the high quality of the spray paint that is applied to the products, a high-quality, anti-corrosion layer is created that provides protection for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Multi- deployable
    Spray painting offers the solution for products that cannot withstand higher temperatures. A product which is not resistant to high temperatures, can still be coated with a high-quality surface treatment by means of spray paint.

  • Offering a total solution
    VDL Laktechniek makes it possible for its clients to relieve them of various activities. The options can range from dealing with your requirements to logistical handling and assembly

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