KTL (E-coat)

What is KTL?

KTL, also referred to as cataphoretic electro-coating, is an environmentally friendly electrostatic painting process, in which a product moves fully automatically through a series of process baths.

The KTL bath is filled with a water-based cataphoretic organic electro-coat and the charged particles are drawn to the product by means of a DC voltage. This results in a protective electro-coating layer on the surface.

The KTL-process

Our sustainable KTL process consists of a number of successive steps. We start with a mechanical-, a spray- and an immersion- degreasing. The products then enter the rinsing bath, after which activation takes place.

Subsequently, zinc phosphating takes place, whereby a phosphate layer is applied to the product. Then the products are rinsed three times (demineralised water), then the KTL is applied (varying layer thickness settings possible from 10 µm to > 40 µm) and the products are rinsed again three times (2x UF and 1x demi). Finally, the products go through the curing oven, resulting in an excellent primer layer with optimal corrosion protection.

KTL at VDL Laktechniek

By applying a KTL treatment at VDL Laktechniek it is possible to coat hard to reach places with a good quality electro-coating. 
In addition to painting hard-to-reach places, another big advantage is that the applied paint on the product is evenly distributed by means of the KTL treatment. 
For an even more optimal protection of your product, most KTL treatments are used in combination with a powder coat- or spray paint treatment. Because our KTL process is multi-metal, it is suitable for treating different kinds of metals. 
According to your needs, we are glad to help you meet your requirements. 

Advantages of KTL at VDL Laktechniek

  • Quality
    By applying this high quality electro-coating to your product, it will offer excellent corrosion protection, whereby the applied coating is evenly distributed on your product.

  • Different layer thicknesses
    This is a relatively thin layer so that any fittings or machined surfaces can also be provided with a protection.

  • Suitable for various metals
    Our production line is equipped to treat various metals, which means that we can treat thin, thick aluminium, cast iron, et cetera, all at the same time.

  • Offering a total pack
    From your surface treatments requirements to logistical handling and assembly, VDL Laktechniek makes it possible to assist its clients in various activities.

For the protection of your product, KTL is therefore ideal as a first primer layer prior to a powder coat or spray paint treatment.

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