Zinc phosphating

What is zinc phosphating?

Zinc phosphating is a chemical (pre)treatment whereby a phosphate layer is applied to a metal surface (for example steel, cast iron or aluminium
The phosphate treatments can be divided into different types.

VDL Laktechniek uses zinc phosphating. A zinc phosphate layer is a lot thicker and more durable compared to an iron phosphate layer. This ensures that the zinc phosphate layer is suitable for outdoor use, thanks to its higher anti-corrosive properties.

The zinc phosphating process

VDL Laktechniek also offers this process in combination with KTL as the base layer for a subsequent Spray paint or Powder coat treatment.
Phosphating can be applied to the product in two ways: namely by applying an immersion process or a spraying process.
During the immersion process, the products are suspended after which they are then immersed in a series of baths. 

During the spraying process, the products are also suspended, then transported through a tunnel which is equipped with different spraying nozzles. The various segments of the spray line each have their own spray nozzles, with each individual process step taking place. This form of zinc phosphating is applied in our powder coat production line, after which we directly Powder coat the products. 

VDL Laktechniek uses a suitable tri-cation zinc phosphate system. This is the most widely used system among phosphating treatments. 
It means that the chemical composition is based on zinc, nickel and manganese. This combination reacts positively to almost all types of metal, which leads to a strong anti-corrosion effect and a good quality paint adhesion.

Zinc phosphating at VDL Laktechniek

It has previously been mentioned that the composition of the phosphate layer ensures that this process can be applied to different types of metal; such as steel, galvanized steel and aluminium.

This is favourable for current automotive standards, as mixed metal constructions are widely used in the industry. Zinc phosphating is mainly used in the automotive industry. In addition, a zinc phosphating treatment is also often used as a basic treatment in the agricultural sector
The main advantage for this sector are the anti-corrosion properties of the treatment. 
The treated products in this sector are frequently exposed to factors that cause oxidation / corrosion>

Benefits of zinc phosphating at VDL Laktechniek

  • Corrosion resistant
    Most commonly used pre-treatment in the automotive industry.

  • Quality
    By using zinc phosphating, a better adhesion is formed between the product and a subsequent spray coating or powder coating treatment.

  • Flexible
    The liquid form makes it possible to treat hard-to-reach areas of a product.

  • Stable
    Due to a relatively thin layer thickness, the layer has less influence on mechanical forces occurring in constructions.

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