Heavy Duty paintshop

Wat is our Heavy Duty paintshop?

VDL Laktechniek's Heavy Duty paint shop is an advanced department where we are specifically equipped to treat large components. Our clients, from among others the Agriculture, Railway and Transport sectors, supply products or compositions of such size, which are later to be used in very stressful environments, both chemically and mechanically. Because VDL Laktechniek has the ability to treat these products by grit blasting and powder coating or spray painting, we are able to offer a robust surface treatment that meets most critical norms and standards. VDL Laktechniek also offers appropriate treatment for other sectors such as Big Machinery, Mining, Heavy Transport and Offshore components.

Equipped with a double 5-tonne overhead crane, we are able to process the products directly from a transport trailer, so that they can be transported within VDL Laktechniek.

The dimensions that VDL Laktechniek can handle here are:

Length:             15   metres
Width:              1,8  metres
Height:             3,3  metres

Why the combination Blasting + Powder coating or Blasting + Spray painting?

Large products are often compositions of varying thicknesses of material, in combination with integrated threaded holes, fittings, bushings, etc.
This also makes it immediately complex to apply the correct pre-treatment. The surface must be pre-treated, so that the adhesion between the surface and the first layer meets the set standard.

In this case Steel grit blasting is often a suitable pre-treatment, since the compositions usually consist of standardised materials, on which a mill scale, laser skin or oxides are still present.

In order to make the complete picture interesting from a cost-technical point of view, it is important that the parts are internally transported as efficiently as possible. That is why our Heavy Duty paint shop is set up according to the “lean” principle.

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