Safety, quality, quantity

Our quality employees are involved with the close monitoring of our quality standards and quality requirements which are specified for each product by the client. This varies from random spot checks to 100% testing.
In order to guarantee our quality, VDL Laktechniek is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and thus meets international requirements for quality and environmental standards.

Given our focus on the automotive industry, we frequently deal with changes in the package of requirements and standard standards. This requires a flexible attitude from our organisation. This is expressed by translating the standard drawn up for a product in consultation with the client, into product-specific requirements that are in line with our processes. In addition to regular quality work, we also provide reports such as PPAP and control reports.

If there are specific questions regarding quality, we are of course always open to discussion, feel free to contact us at info@vdllaktechniek.nl.