Screen printing

VDL Laktechniek has the possibility of having screen prints performed at its own location. For example, there is a choice of various flat printing tables and a screen-making workshop (often the films are supplied by the client). Screen print windows can be up to 2400 x 1640 mm.

What is screen printing?

The principle of the screen printing technique is quite simple. A fine piece of silk / polyester mesh is stretched over a framework, then a photosensitive film layer is applied to the mesh, which can be exposed by means of a positive film. In many cases, the film is produced photographically. The dark areas present on the positive side are not exposed and washed away during development, so that permeable spots appear on the screen printing frame.

The ink is applied to the window and smeared with a squeegee, so that the ink is pressed through the washed away areas and the shape of the template is printed on the object to be printed. This technique can be repeated with different colours and shapes that are printed side by side or on top of each other.

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